Tilden Park Golf Club

MARCH 8th, 2001

Leonard Pytel, Secretary
15 Carmel Ave.
El Cerrito, Ca 94530-4112
Telephone (510) 526-1908

President Tony Gillman

Opened the meeting at 7:32 P.M., and welcomed guest Robert O'Donnell and Mark, the new course manager. They each received a golf ball.

Called for and received a motion to approve the February Meeting Minutes. The motion passed.

Called for the treasurer's report.

Treasurer Doug Gray

The beginning checkbook balance  
Total additions  
Dinner meeting costs
Telephone service
Tournament awards
Away Tournament fee
NCGA dues
Total expenses for the month  
Ending checkbook balance  
Savings account balance  
Total cash on hand  

*Check issued to Poppy Hills for $3,600.00- Rewritten for $3,410.00

Doug announced that at a Board of Director's meeting prior to this meeting, the board decided NOT to raise the dues for the fiscal year 2001-2002. They will remain at $85.00.

President Tony Gillman called for the Tournament Committee Chairman's report.

Tournament Committee Chairman Rod Kelman
Announced that the Poppy Hills Away tournament was canceled . It seems that it was raining, the wind was blowing and some trees were blown over. The golf course canceled the tournament and refunded the green fees. The checks the members mailed with their entries are being returned with these minutes.

The winners of the NCGA North East Bay Zone Qualifying rounds were:

1st Joe Casella Net 66
2nd Lou Frantz* Net 69
  Alex Hwang Net 69
3rd Scott Hendin Net 71
  Michael Clark Net 71
  Loren Warburg** Net 71
4th Barry Witt Net 73

The representatives are Joe Casella
  Alex Hwang
  Scott Hendin
  Michael Clark
The alternates are: Loren Warburg
  Barry Witt

* Lou Frantz opted not to participate
**Loren Warburg lost the card playoff and is the first alternate.

The Ross Trophy tournament qualifying round was played February 25th. The first round of the tournament will be played March 18th followed by the other three rounds on March 25th, April 1st, and 8th.

The five top teams:
1st- Tim Easley/Greg Shiver
2nd- Jeff McGee/Rick Anduiza
3rd- Rick Rensberry/ Tom Spike
4th- Loren Warburg/Glen Foreman
5th- Rod Lee/Joe Casella

The flier for the Twelve Bridges Away tournament is included with these minutes. There are only 40 spots so get your entries and checks in early. The fee is $92.00. The golf course has a dress code and soft spike policy. Check the flier.

Jeff McGee awarded the Meeting Day Sweepstakes.
Only three members played and stayed for the dinner.
Low Gross 43 Charles Barthold-2 golf balls
Low Net 38 Glenn Taylor-2 golf balls
2nd low net 38 1/2 Tony Gillman 1 golf ball

Door prizes of one golf ball each went to: Jeff McGee, Charles Barthold, Dale Henderson, Leonard Pytel, Tony Gillman and Jerry Texdahl.

President Tony Gillman

Call or an OLD BUSINESS from the floor. There was none.

Called for any NEW BUSINESS from the floor.

• The possibility of establishing a Web Site for the club to include such things as Home course information, Tournament Schedule, Club Bylaws, Tournament results, Membership application, Monthly Newsletter-Meeting minutes, Pairings and tee times, Board of Directors items, etc. has been discussed recently. In order to get the membership's feelings, a questionnaire was developed and passed out. The questionnaire showed a $1,300.00 development fee and a monthly maintenance fee of $50.00. Fifteen members returned the questionnaire. The results were: seven in favor and seven against. The fifteenth questionnaire was signed by Payne Stewart who voted against. No decision was made at this time.

• Secretary Leonard Pytel announced that Ed Ostrowski has set the date for the previously postponed Memorial Polish Tournament for Saturday, May 12th. The location has been moved to the Saddle Creek Golf Course in Copperopolis. Also, if enough members want to play on Friday, May 11th Ed will get a starting time at Greenhorn Creek. A sign up sheet is posted on the Club's bulletin board. Ed's address and telephone number are on the sheet.

• Mark, the new course manager, spoke to the members of his focus as manager. He is happy to be at Tilden. He will be also looking at pace of play among all the other items required for running a golf course.

• Michael Clark had three items to discuss:
1st- he stated that he had tickets for 8 rounds of golf near Louisville Kentucky for any member who wanted them.
2nd- he asked why the money given to the Zone qualifiers was not included in the Top Ten Winnings. The answer was that this money was not prize money but for expenses This was started when the USGA allowed that expense money did not affect the player's amateur standing.
3rd- he stated that the USGA's policy regarding the use of non-conforming clubs was that scores made with them should not be posted.

• Doug Gray announced that the Monarch Bay golf course, the Tony Lema course was open, and the green fee for non-residents to walk the course was $83.00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The course now has 87 bunkers.

• Tony Gillman thanked Jerry Texdahl, Charles Barthold and Ron Dorricott for the dinner. Jerry said that next months dinner will be served about 6:30 PM.

President Tony Gillman called for and received a motion to adjourn the meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM




Rule 9. Information As to Strokes Taken

9-1. General
The number of strokes a player has taken shall include any penalty strokes incurred.

9-2. Match Play
A player who had incurred a penalty shall inform his opponent as soon as practicable, unless he is obviously proceeding under a Rule involving a penalty and this had been observed by his opponent. If he fails to to inform his opponent, he shall be deemed to have given wrong information, even if he was not aware that he had incurred a penalty.

An opponent is entitled to ascertain from the player, during the play of a hole, the number of strokes he had taken and after play of a hole, the number of strokes taken on the hole just completed.

If during the play of a hole the player gives or is deemed to give wrong information as to the number of strokes taken, he shall incur no penalty if he corrects the mistake before his opponent has played his next stroke. If the player fails so to correct the wrong information, he shall lose the hole.

If after play of a hole the player gives or is deemed to give wrong information as to the number of strokes taken on the hole just completed and this affects the opponent's understanding of the results of the hole, he shall incur no penalty if he corrects his mistake before any player plays from the next teeing ground or, in the case of the last hole of the match, before all players leave the putting green. If the player fails so to correct the wrong information, he shall lose the hole.

9-3. Stroke Play
A competitor who has incurred a penalty should inform his marker as soon as practicable.

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