Certified "Class A" Clubmaker

    "If you are looking for knock-off, clone or copy components that look OEM lines, or, if you want component heads or drivers specified as non- conforming as defined by the USGA, don't ask--I don't sell them."
    Michael Lee Clark

Custom Made Golf Clubs
• Professional Fittings
• Regripping
• Repair
• Reshafting
• Shaft Orientation
• Loft & Lie Adjustment

Component Lines
• Bob Toski
• Tom Wishon Golf
• Louisville Golf
• Magique
• Ruger

   'He who rules the short game wins'.

Wedges Selections
• KZG - 52,56,60 degrees
• Toski Target Classics - 52,56,60 degrees

• Zero Tolerance - 54,58,62 degrees
• Toski Target - 47,51,55,60 degrees
• Wishon

• Rifle Steel and Rifle Graphite
• S.K. Fiber
• Innovative
• True Temper, Sensicore/Std.
• other graphite models as requested

All shafts fit for flex, and assembled via process of orientation

    Regripping is Same Day Service
    • Golf Pride Tour Wraps & Midsize
    • Golf Pride Half Cords & Full Cords & Midsize
    • Golf Pride Tour Velvet and Velvet Wrap
    • Golf Pride Victory, Victory Half Cord
    • Golf Pride Velvet Cord, Velvet Victory
    • Softee

    • Lamkin Crossline, Ladies Crossline
    • Avon Chamios Full Line Blk/Brn/Lite/Jumbo
    • TackiMac
    • Winn - Std. 52 grm Blk/Tan and 42 grm Blk
    Putter Grips - Huge Selection! Loft and Lie Adjustments

    Top of the Line Mitchell Golf Loft and Lie Machine -- Dynamic Procedure -- Done Right on the Spot!

Headremover Tool

Illustration #1

Weiss-Gibson Hydraulic Shaft Puller

The premium shaft extractor in the clubmaking industry. Perfectily salvaged shafts-no damage or heat marks on the clubhead.

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head bending tool

Illustration #2

Mitchell Golf Loft & Lie Machine

The premium loft and lie machine in the clubmaking industry. Perfect incremental spacings in loft angles and lie angles based on golfers specification during dynamic fitting session

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putterbender machine

Illustration #3

Mitchell Golf Putter Bending Machine

The premium putter bending machine in the clubmaking industry. Adjust putter loft and lie angles in minutes during fitting session.

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Shaft Flex Machine

Illustration #4


Highest technology to determine shaft flex-precision matched shafts measured by force guage.

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shaft flex machine

shaft flex machine

shaft flex machine

Illustration #5, 6, & 7

Digi-Flex Machine

Precision Shaft Flex measuring device. Also used for 'puring' shafts to determine flat plane within shaft that determines how shaft will be oriented in clubhead.

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shaft balance gauge

Illustration #8 & 9

Kenneth Smith Swingweight Machine

Premium swingweight machine in the clubmaking industry. Precision determination of club balance.

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Airline Hard Plastic Carry Case
One Week Rental -- $20
Protect Your Clubs!

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